Payment, reporting and evaluation

Payment process

Lotterywest provides written advice on the outcome of all applications. If your grant is approved, we will advise you of payment arrangements and our requirements for reporting on the grant and acquitting the funds.

Grants are paid through an electronic funds transfer. Please ensure that the bank account details provided are your organisation’s main operating account and that these are always kept up to date in the Lotterywest Portal.

Managing your grant

When the time comes to request a payment or acquit (account for) your grant, or to request a change to your grant, please use our Grant Management Tool. This tool can also be used if you need to request an extension of time or are seeking a change to your grant expense items.

The Grant Approval Schedule that was sent to you after your grant was approved will assist with filling out the Grant Management Tool.

To help prepare for using the Grant Management Tool, you can preview the questions here. Please note this is a sample form only and you will not be able to submit your answers.

A summary is also provided below.

Requesting a payment

Through the Grant Management Tool, you will be required to:

  • Provide details of previous payments received (if any) and how they were spent, including copies of invoices (if requested on your Grant Approval Schedule).
  • Demonstrate how pre-payment conditions (if any) have been met.
  • Detail the amount being requested.
  • Provide a progress update on your grant including what activities have been delivered to date, where these activities have occurred, and whether the grant progress is ahead, on track, or behind schedule.
  • Provide detail on any outcomes achieved to date, challenges being experienced and how they will be overcome and future plans for the grant.
  • Detail of whether Lotterywest has been acknowledged for the grant, and if so, how. Visit our Share the news page for more information.

Requesting an extension of time or change to grant items

 Through the Grant Management Tool, you will be required to:

  • Provide an explanation for your request for an extension of time or change to the grant.
  • Provide a new anticipated drawdown or acquittal date (if relevant).

Completing a final grant acquittal

Through the Grant Management Tool, you will be required to:

  • Provide a breakdown of all income and in-kind support received for the grant initiative.
  • Provide a final summary of how the Lotterywest grant funds were spent.
  • Provide an Income and Expenditure Statement – to view an example template click here.
  • Attach any invoices or evidence of payment not previously provided (if requested in your Grant Approval Schedule).
  • Detail the activities delivered through the grant, where these activities took place and estimates of the number of volunteers and beneficiaries associated with the activities.
  • Detail the difference the grant has made in the community, learnings, and considerations for the future. This includes feedback on how you have incorporated the Good Practice Requirements as part of your initiative.
  • Detail of whether Lotterywest has been acknowledged for the grant, and if so, how. Visit our Share the news  page for more information.

There is also the opportunity to share any other materials that help to demonstrate your grant's achievements, for example: project or evaluation reports; stories or feedback; photos; interviews; media coverage etc. 

What sort of information should I collect along the way?

As a part of your acquittal, you will be asked to provide information and evidence to demonstrate the outcomes your organisation achieved through your grant.  

Each grant will be different, but you should have an idea about the outcomes you are aiming to achieve when you apply (these should align to the outcomes of the specific grant program), and how you can measure and report on them. 

The outcome reporting can be qualitative or quantitative. When you come to acquit your grant, the Grant Management Tool will provide you with the opportunity to make your final report.

Payment and evaluation graphic June 2020

A more in depth understanding of impact

Some organisations may be funded to undertake an evaluation of their grant. The evaluation process will help you to examine what outcomes the grant has enabled, what worked well and what did not work well, lessons learnt and insights which may be relevant for other organisations or sectors. This is particularly relevant for projects which are trying new things, which are complex or large scale, or have opportunities for sector learning associated.

If your organisation is funded to complete an evaluation, Lotterywest will work with you to determine an appropriate approach to meet your needs.